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Fittingly Mad: Why Is It So Expensive to Be So Healthy?

Ever since I read about the recent talks on adding a fat tax to unhealthy foods in London, I can't get my mind off the fact that I already feel like there is a health tax on healthy foods (or anything health related really).

If I were to go to the grocery store and buy processed, prepackaged unhealthy foods, my bill would be significantly lower than if I were to buy fresh, organic healthy foods. This nation is apparently in such a health crisis with obesity and disease skyrocketing, you'd think that there would be some effort to make it less expensive to be healthy.

From my gym membership, to my pomegranate juice, to my probiotics, to my fresh (and wild) Alaskan salmon, my checking account definitely pays for it (no pun intended). For example, I recently converted my husband from Wheat Thins to Kashi Thins, which are about 2 dollars more a box at my local store. I always cringe when people call Whole Foods, whole paycheck, but it's true. What's more? It's nearly impossible to get coupons for healthy foods too! I never see them in the paper and I almost feel like it is frowned upon to try and use coupons at a health food store.

I understand there is way more that goes behind it than the price tags I am seeing, but something needs to be done. Being healthy should not be so taxing on our finances, it really shouldn't. Am I alone here?

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