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Five Exercises That Target the Glutes

Booty Work: Part One

Many of the women I know focus on exercises that tone their lower bodies. Hey, who doesn't want a nice butt and lean legs to show off? In order to shape your gorgeous booty, you need to learn to love and stick with these butt-burning moves. Here are five for you to try:

  • Lunges: These are great because they target so many muscles all in one move. They'll work your glutes, quads, and hamstrings on the front leg, and on your back leg, they'll work your calves and increase flexibility in your hips. You want to be careful to have correct form when doing lunges, so watch yourself in a mirror to make sure your front knee doesn't go out past your front ankle when you lower your hips down. Some examples of lunges are stationary reverse lunges, walking lunges, and side lunges.
  • Squats: This move is great because it doesn't take much to feel your glutes and quads burning. Form is important here too, so be sure to lean your weight back into your heels. You can do regular squats, squats on a BOSU, squats in the bathroom, above your chair at work, or try this yoga sequence.

Want to see the others? Then

  • Step Ups: This exercise requires the use of a step, platform, or chair. You place one foot firmly on the step, then straighten that leg and step up off the ground. It targets your booty and abs, and depending on what you do with your other leg (the one not on the step), you can work your outer thigh, your quad, or your hamstring. Step aerobics, ramping, and this exercise called the Step Up and Kick all involve step ups.
  • Hip Extensions: Want to target just your bum? This move involves your belly facing the floor, either lying down on a ball or standing on your hands and knees. You bend your knee, squeeze your glutes, and lift your foot straight up. You can make this move even more challenging by placing a dumbbell behind your knee as with this move called the Knee Lift With Reverse Row.
  • One-Legged Deadlifts: These strengthen your butt, hamstrings, and lower back, but you should skip them if you have back pain or an injury. To learn this move, check out mymaria's post submitted in the Fitness Challenge Group.
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