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Foggy Goggles Be Gone!

While I love swimming for exercise, I hate foggy goggles. I don't know about you but I like to see where I am going. Why do they fog over so much? Well, just like a cold beer can sweats on the outside in warmer weather, the inside of your goggles sweat because the outside water is colder.

Unless you are swimming in water that is 98.6 degrees, you are going to have to deal with the fogging over of your goggles. Here are a few ways to deal with the inevitable.

  • Easy, convenient and a little gross, a little spit in your goggles can go a long way toward fighting off the fog. Technically speaking, saliva decreases the surface tension on the inside of your goggles so they don't fog but rather form water droplets that slide to the bottom of the goggles.
  • Use anti-fog spray. TRY makes an anti-fog spray that you can buy for about $3. Look for it at your local swim shop, or sporting goods store.
  • Rub the inside of your goggles with liquid dish detergent or baby shampoo and thoroughly rinse off.
  • You can always try goggles labeled "anti-fog." Unfortunately for me, they have never worked although other swimmers swear by them.

If you have a unique way of dealing with your foggy goggles, please share it in the comment section below.


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