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Food Review: Rising Moon Organics — Vegan Stuffed Shells

I'm a big fan of Italian foods like baked ziti, lasagna, and stuffed shells. The only problem is the ricotta and other cheeses make them high in artery-clogging saturated fat and cholesterol. When I came across a healthier version of stuffed shells by Rising Moon Organics, my interest was piqued. Made with primacotta soy ricotta, these shells are completely vegan.

To find out how they compared with the real deal after the jump when you


I really wanted to love this dairy- and cholesterol-free frozen meal, but truthfully, it lacked flavor. The consistency of the soy filling was a little smoother and spongier than real ricotta, but I didn't mind that. It was the fact that these shells just tasted "blah." The tomato sauce was sweet, but had this odd slightly smokey aroma and taste.

Just to see how much healthier these vegan stuffed shells were, I compared them to nonvegan ones made by Amy's Kitchen. Now I don't feel so bad about choosing the ricotta-filled shells. Although Rising Moon Organics Shells have less saturated fat and cholesterol, they also have more calories, more carbs, and less protein than Amy's Kitchen shells. The choice is obvious for me. I'll go for real cheese and real flavor, but if you're avoiding dairy, give these vegan shells a whirl.
Serving Size: (3 stuffed shells)
Calories 370 310
Total Fat 10 g 13 g
Saturated Fat 1.5 g 7 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 30 g
Sodium 470 mg 740 mg
Carbs 54 g 30 g
Fiber 6 g 5 g
Sugar 4 g 7 g
Protein 16 g 19 g

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