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Food Review: Special K Bliss Bar Orange and Chocolate

The calorie count on snackables keeps going down. I guess 100 calories was 10 too many, since I keep seeing snack-pack packaging proclaiming a 90-calorie content. One such food is the Special K Orange-flavored Bliss Bar I was handed at the train station by a very chipper young woman. She didn't single me out; she was handing them out to all the hungry commuters. The first thing I noticed about this bar was that it weighed almost nothing, not even a full ounce. That's when I noticed the "90 calories per serving" seal.

To see what the bar really looks like and how it tastes,


I must say for such a tiny bar it has a lot of ingredients. The first being multigrain, not whole grain, cereal, followed by sugar and corn syrup. Partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil is listed, but it must contain under .5 ounces per serving because the nutrition label says zero! The bar is also very small. Since I couldn't find my ruler, I photographed it next to a medium-size pear so you could get a sense of its size.

Calories Fat

Protein Cholesterol Sodium Fiber Sugar
90 2g 1g 0g 70mg 1g 9g

The Orange Bliss Bar reminds me of a citrus-flavored Rice Krispie treat with a hint of chocolate. It is sweet, but certainly flavorful, which is really all it has going for it since it is super low in protein and fiber. This bar was designed to satisfy the sweet tooth without a lot of calories; it will not make you full or give you long-lasting energy.

When it comes down to it, I would rather eat a small orange (45 calories) and a Special Dark Hershey's Miniature (45 calories).


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