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Foods That Help You Lose Weight and Fight Acne

Eating Tips For Weight Loss and Clear Skin

Snacking? Protein? Sugar substitutes? With so many questions about food, we turned to our friends and registered dieticians Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh of C&J Nutrition for some tips and tricks. Watch and learn how to eat not only for weight loss, but for your skin, too.

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Hi, I'm Zelana, and today I'm here with registered Dieticians, Stephanie Clark and Willow Jarosh, from C ; J Nutrition, to get their tips to build muscle while dieting, find out how to Curb those sugar cravings, plus they'll reveal the truth about acne and diet. A lot of our viewers want to know how to lose fat and build muscle while dieting, so what if some guidelines we should follow. One of the main reasons to excercise while you're trying to lose weight is that you can really build and maintain that lean muscle. Matt keeps your metabolism going at top speeds, so you burn more calories at rest. So, nutritionally, this means you really need to fuel yourself for that exercise. So, you want to think of two things One is to not skimp on calories at all. We recommend that women that are trying to lose weight get no less than 1500 calories a day. The other thing is to make sure that you're getting enough protein to actually maintain that lean muscle. So, we recommend about twenty percent of your total daily calories coming for protein and that split between all of your meals and snacks. Do you suggest three big meals a day or five mini meals or something in between? It's best to go with what works for your schedule, and we usually recommend that people have at least one or two snacks throughout the day in between meals, in order to keep their hunger levels steady and their energy levels steady too. So snacking is good? It is, and it's also a great way to fill in nutrient blanks throughout your day so if you're not getting enough calcium rich foods or fruits and vegetables at meals, toss them into a snack and your day will be more balanced. There's been some debate about artificial sweetners and obesity, so how do you advise your clients when it comes to sugar substitutes? Our overall approach is to really encourage our clients not to consume any overly sweet foods whether they're sweetened artificially or naturally and that's because when you eat something super sweet, a lot, it can actually make you crave sweet things all of the time. Right, you know, one of the common ways to consume artificial sweeten products is diet soda, so what do you tell your clients who just can't beat the craving? Having a diet soda occasionally is fine, but when you're consuming them daily, we really encourage you to try to gradually tailor that back, by substituting with something like club soda with a splash of orange, or lemon, or lime, which gives you that fizziness and a little bit of flavor, or some water with cucumbers places or a lightly sweetened ice tea. Research has shown that eating whole grains can help relieve acne and inflammation. So what are some foods you recommend to help clear the skin? Definitely using whole grains over refined grains is great, because research has shown that eating too many refined grains and sugary foods can cause spikes in insulin that can lead to inflammation. in cells including skin cells and that can lead to breakouts. And when you're just generally eating for healthy skin, choose foods that have a lot of antioxidents like brightly colored fruits and veggies. which are also very watery foods and can help keep you hydrated too. Thanks so much for your great tips. It was a pleasure to be here, thanks for having us. Hope you're able to incorporate these tips into your everyday life. see you next time on FitSugarTV.

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