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Taste the Real Rainbow: 13 Colorful Juice Recipes

Aug 27 2014 - 12:21pm

Whether or not you've caught on to the juicing frenzy, sometimes a big glass of nutrient-rich color can really hit the spot. We've already given you the lowdown on the big glasses of green juice goodness we love to enjoy [1], but what about all the other delicious colors and flavors out there? Here are colorful juice recipes that will have you tasting the rainbow in a really healthy way.

Source: Happy. Healthy. Life. [2], Anna Monette Roberts, Michele Foley, and Jaime Young

Root Vegetable

If you don't love chowing down on root veggies, then this pressed vegetable juice [3] is a great way to enjoy all the health benefits in one tasty glass. Extremely high in vitamin A and vitamin C, it offers 25 percent of your daily recommended fiber for the day.

Photo: Anna Monette Roberts

Sweet Greens Sleepy-Time Juice

High in magnesium and calcium, this sweet greens juice [4] supports a healthy night's sleep. Full of greens like watercress and hydrating romaine, this sleepy-time juice still has a little sweetness, thanks to the inclusion of orange juice.

Photo: Michele Foley

Beets Me Juice

For an energizing Fall juice, look to this "Beets Me" blend [5] from the Kimpton Hotel. Beyond itstasty flavor, it's packed with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and digestion-relieving nutrients to keep you feeling your best.

Kimpton Hotels [6]

Pin-Cel-Car-Gin Juice

The creative array of produce in Happy. Healthy. Life's pin-cel-car-gin juice [7] makes it sweet enough to taste like a treat but full of good-for-you antioxidants. You'll taste the rainbow with a tall glass of this blend.

Source: Happy. Healthy. Life. [8]

Cinnamon Ginger Nectar

I love the creative addition of spice to this cinnamon ginger nectar [9] green juice. While the spice may seem like an odd addition, but cinnamon actually helps keep blood sugar down [10].

Source: Healthful Pursuit [11]

Beet-le Juice

This tasty beet juice [12] will become your go-to blend all Fall long. Lemon, apple, celery, and an optional handful of spinach are tossed into the mix to keep the juice bright, sweet, and nutrient-rich.

Photo: Jaime Young

Celery, Apple, and Greens Juice

One POPSUGAR Food editor took on the challenge of re-creating one of our favorite store-bought juices at home, and the resulting blend was well worth her effort. A little more "green" than the juices you've had until this point, this celery, apple, and greens juice [13] will make you a green juice convert for good.

Photo: Anna Monette Roberts

Basic Green

Are you a newbie to the juicing scene? This green juice [14] is a fantastic place to start. The color may have you a little wary at first, but the apple, carrot, and lemon juice will mask a flavor that's too green for a juicing newbie.

Source: POPSUGAR user onehungrymess

Watermelon-Mint Cucumber Cooler

End of Summer soirees call for a jar of this ultra-hydrating watermelon cooler [15]. Beyond the water content, this antioxidant-rich juice can also help you debloat thanks to the addition of mint.

Photo: Michele Foley

Low-Sugar Energizing Green Juice

Go green with an energizing green juice [16] that's low in sugar and rich in pH-balancing nutrients — in short, this is one serious juice. If you're a fan of a juice with a vegetal flavor, this is the recipe for you.

Photo: Michele Foley

P.A.M. Juice

Stop shelling out a ton of money for bottle after bottle of store-bought BluePrint. This homemade P.A.M. juice [17] mimics the flavors (and benefits) of the original. Pineapple, apple, and mint are the ultimate refreshing combination of flavors — and if you're looking to get a little boozy this P.A.M. mojito [18] will hit the spot.

Photo: Jaime Young

Hangover Juice

Full of the essential nutrients (think: vitamin C, lycopene, and hydrating water) that your body is depleted of from drinking, this pressed juice [19] also gets a spicy kick from the added jalapeño and ginger. Even if you're not working with a hangover, this juice will taste like a treat.

Photo: Michele Foley

Apple Lemon Ginger Juice

This detoxifying juice [20] from Ritual Wellness has just the right amount of spice to get you going. With only three ingredients that support your immune system and aid in digestion, it's a great recipe for someone who wants the benefits of green juice without the hassle of dealing with a bunch of ingredients.

Photo: Michele Foley

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