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Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Too Much...

Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Too Much...

...well actually, they do.

Have you ever noticed that when you're eating with a large group of people, you tend to eat more than you would if it were just you or you and your husband? Turns out you're not alone (or crazy), it's completely normal.

Check out these statistics:

On average, if you dine with one other person you will eat about 35 percent more than if you were alone. (Spouses don't have this effect because couples tend to get into a regular eating pattern and consume about the same amount.)

If you eat with a party of seven or more, you will gobble up 96 percent more, or nearly twice as much. Sound like Thanksgiving? And if you get a table for four, you will end up right in the middle, eating about 75 percent more calories than if you dined alone.

Crazy, right? Perhaps this is why some families are all overweight and others aren't. Not ready to give up your group gatherings just yet? There are ways to beat the statistics so

Here are some great tips from MSNBC on controlling what we eat:

  • Try to be the last person to start eating.
  • Pace yourself with the slowest eater at the table.
  • Avoid the “just one more helping” request (and temptation) by always leaving some food on your plate, as if you are still eating.
  • Preregulate consumption by deciding how much to eat prior to the meal instead of during the meal.


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