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Games For A Backyard BBQ

Have you been to a BBQ where folks just sit around drinking beer and talking about beer and drinking more beer? So boring and so sedentary!!! My response to this is to dust off some of those old games from your youth and get up and play! I am not saying these games are huge calorie burners, like these ideas from Get Moving This 4th Of July, but they will keep you from becoming glued to a lawn chair and drinking too much beer. Plus they are fun!

Here are some games I will be playing with my kids and party guests. Yes, these games are not just for kids.

  • Potato Sack Races - Since potato sacks are hard to come by these days you can use old pillow cases for little kids, or old sleeping bags for adults.
  • Wheel barrow races - Remember this one? I rocked it as a kid and I am hoping to win today. It is like a supported plank in motion. You might want to warm up a little before this one!
  • Water balloon toss - This one requires no explanation, but what fun on a hot day!!!
  • Egg Spoon Relay Race - Balance hard boiled eggs on a soup spoon (or a wooden spoon to make it easier) and race to the line to gently hand off the egg to your relay team partners . All unbroken eggs can be used to whip up some Not So Devilish Eggs
  • Simon Says - Always popular with the kids, but getting adults to act like a chicken - priceless.

Don't forget the horseshoe toss, badminton (it IS an Olympic sport after all), or all the fun to be had passing around a Ball Ice Cream Maker.

Are you going to play some games at your BBQ? Let me know your faves in the comments section below.

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