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Gear Makeover: Reese Is Old-School

Reese Witherspoon has been quite the jogger recently, so I can't understand why she doesn't just bite the bullet and update her gear. We all know it's not about the money and I think it would make her jogs a bit more comfortable. Plus, then we can all stop cringing each time she is spotted in those old-school yellow headphones.

Here are my updates for Reese's gear situation:

  • Swap out the uncomfortable yellow earphones for a pair of ear buds made specifically for running. I personally like the Sennheiser MX75 Twist-To-Fit In-Ear Stereo Sport Headphones.
  • While I love the aviator sunglasses, I am thinking a pair of running sunglasses may be a bit more comfortable since they are more lightweight and hug your head, which means less slipping down your nose. I love the Nike V. Cadence Sunglasses.
  • I've done the iPod in the pants thing and it's a pain in the butt. Reese should get a sport band for her shuffle—I like the Shuffle Sweats Arm Band.
  • Something about stark white sneakers with black pants that reminds me of my grandmother (and priests, but that's a whole different story). You don't have to only wear white sneaks these days. There are lots of great sneaks in different colors, such as Adidas Response Light Sneakers.


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