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Germs Work Overtime

You're excited (for the most part at least) to be back at work after the holidays, refreshed and ready for the new year. What you may not be ready for is all of the germs lurking around your office, not in the bathroom, but at your very own workstation.

The germiest places at work are:

  • Your phone
  • Your desktop
  • Your keyboard
  • Your mouse
  • The fax machine
  • The photocopier

According to Charles Gerba Ph D., professor at the University of Arizona, the least amount of germs in the office are found on toilet seats because they, unlike your keyboard, get cleaned nightly -- On average germs can lurk around for 72 hours.

Fit's Tip: Best defense against office germs? Wash your hands! Be sure to check out Hand Washing 101 for tips on how to do it right. Still worried? You may want to go a little more high tech. Also, be very weary of the water cooler. The spout rarely (if ever) gets disinfected and people often fill up their already used water bottles using the same spout. What's gross is that many people do not notice if the bottle is touching the spout or not.

...With all that drinking out of the toilet, my dog may be a lot smarter than I originally thought.

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