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Get Physical: Batter Up!!!

Now that baseball season has begun, why not hit some balls of your own? If you're looking for something different to do with your honey, how about a trip to the batting cages. It's great for working on your hand-eye coordination, your upper body, and a fun way to fine-tune your quick reflexes. When I miss the ball I end up laughing so hard that I miss the ball again, and end up laughing even more. Good times! And great ab work, the doubling over laughing part.

Most places will have a choice between hitting either baseballs or softballs. You can also choose the speed of your ball (if this is your first time, I suggest the slowest speed). You have to wear a helmet and only one person is allowed in the "cage" at a time. This is great because you can alternate taking pictures of each other.

Going to the batting cage is pretty cheap, and is usually priced by number of pitches. Prices vary between places, but you'll probably pay around $1 for every 10 balls. Some places will also let you pay a flat fee for a certain amount of time, such as $35 for every half hour.

Fit's Tips: If you're new to the batting cages, I'd start off with 20-30 pitches, and if you love it, you can always do more. Make sure to stretch out your shoulders, lower and upper back before swinging - you don't want to wake up all sore the next day.

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