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Get Physical: How About a Round of Golf?

This weekend, do something nice for your husband (and your body) and go see a golf tournament.

Recently my husband has convinced me to go see a few golf tournaments with him. At first I was reluctant because I anticipated that I would be sedentary and bored. However, a couple of months ago The Pebble Beach Pro AM was underway and I am a sucker for celebrity sightings so after much practice of my golf clap, on we went.

I was pleasantly surprised that I had a great time. Turns out, if you really want to see a gold tournament then you've got to walk from hole to hole. Before you know it, you've walked 18 holes and added a big number to your daily step count and the friendly competition between my husband and myself made the day really fun. Plus, he was thrilled that I was watching golf with him. Check out to see what tours are coming to a course near you.

From then on, we've made it a point to go see golf tournaments (if they are in town) together. If there are no good tours coming to town, then every now and again we will actually play a few holes ourselves. The course we usually go to does not allow carts, so we end up burning a lot of calories lugging our clubs around. I also really enjoy the driving range because it is less intimidating but still active. As spring approaches it's great to be outside and golf is a great way for you to enjoy it with your husband, your brother, your dad, and your family... anyone really. So, try it out!

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