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Get the Right Fit: Your Sports Bra

A good fitting sports bra is important in so many ways, as running can really wreak havoc on our breasts. Why, then, is it so hard to find a sports bra that fits right?

Time after time again, I'll buy a bra and find that it fits great in the dressing room but when I am on the treadmill I feel like the life is being squeezed out of me. Turns out I am not crazy, as a study from the University of Wollongong has found that your chest circumference expands as you breathe heavier.

To test the theory, take a deep breath right now... does your bra feel a little tighter? Mine does. Keep this in mind when shopping for sports bras in the future. Next time you're in the dressing room, take a few deep breaths while trying on the bra. This test will give you a more accurate feeling on how the bra will fit during cardio when you'll be breathing heavy.

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