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Get It Up, Your Heart Rate, That Is: StepMill and Rowing Machine

Thanksgiving is still over two weeks away, and I already feel pressed for time. I came up with a time-saver cardio routine that combines two pieces of cardio equipment that also strengthen different parts of the body. These machines are also always free at the gym, which means no waiting around time. I'm talking about the StepMill and the rowing machine, two of my neglected faves at the gym. The StepMill gets my heart rate up while strengthening my legs, and the rowing machine keeps my heart rate up and strengthens my upper body from the palms of my hands to between my shoulder blades. Talk about doubling up!

I do want to encourage you all to experiment with the StepMill. I know many people find it intimidating, since it looks like an escalator going the opposite. But it is a great way to work your legs. Walking sideways on a StepMill, holding onto the handles of course, works the outsides and insides of the legs wonderfully — which in turn saves you even more time at the gym, since you won't have to strength-train those spots later.

To see this 30-minute workout,


StepMill for 20 minutes

Time Level
0:00-5:00 5.0
5:00-10:00 6
10:00-15:00 7
15:00-17:00 6.0
17:00-19:00 6.0
Switch sides
19:00-20:00 5.0

Rowing Machine for 10 minutes
Set damper to a point between 4 and 5

Time Strokes per minute
0:00-5:00 25-28
5:00-6:00 35-40
7:00-8:00 25-28
8:00-9:00 30-35
9:00-10:00 20-25

I followed this workout with some donkey kicks for my hamstrings and some ab work on the captain's chair. I stretched my legs and my upper back and went home to a lovely dinner made by my hubby. Sorry, dinner is not included with this workout.


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