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Guess the Calories: Breakfast Sandwiches

While I truly believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you can eat too much of a good thing. There are a lot of convenient breakfast sandwiches out there, but do you know how many calories you're eating when you down one while on the go? Take this quiz and test your calorie smarts.

Guess the Calories: Breakfast Sandwiches

The sausage, egg, and cheddar on an asiago bagel at Au Bon Pain might fill you up, but how many calories does it contain?

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rebelkate rebelkate 7 years
I love making breakfast burritos on the weekend at home!
hyzenthlay20 hyzenthlay20 7 years
Egg McMuffin once or twice a year . . . but, oh, do I love it then! It's a treat that my family gets VERY rarely.
sugar_me_sweet sugar_me_sweet 7 years
i had an egg mcmuffin this morning. that's my go to sandwich.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 7 years
mmmm...I love egg mcmuffin's.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 7 years
mmmm...I love egg mcmuffin's.
notinthemood notinthemood 7 years
I prefer cereal for breakfast... but a Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich is okay if I'm on the road.
elladebella elladebella 7 years
1/5. Oops, I don't eat breakfast sandwiches much, probably once a year.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 7 years
I'm partial to the Starbucks spinach and feta wrap. Soooo delicious and only 240 calories.
andra1404 andra1404 7 years
andra1404 andra1404 7 years
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 7 years
It would be cool if they offered vegan and vegetarian options!
sideways sideways 7 years
I make my own but I put in back bacon on ot instead of sausage
breesays breesays 7 years
brb going to get an egg mcmuffin
sideways sideways 7 years
I make my own but I put in back bacon
Lo-Lo291303 Lo-Lo291303 7 years
Once in a while, I get the turkey bacon, cheese, and egg on whole wheat english muffin from Starbucks. I love it!
iheartkerning iheartkerning 7 years
4/5, and i completely guessed on all of these. very rarely do i eat out for breakfast, so i usually make my own breakfast sandwiches. my favorite: light multigrain english muffin and 1 egg topped with goat's cheese. 280 calories. yum! takes all of 5 minutes to prepare.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
One look at that Carl's Jr. monstrosity, and it's evident why 60% of the U.S. is obese.
adelaidekay adelaidekay 7 years
1/5 I don't really know cus I don't eat that kinda stuff. Yuk!
onthebus onthebus 7 years
2/5 That Carl's Jr. sandwich just looks nasty, but I am a fan of the Egg McMuffin.
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