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Guess What?

Do you have any idea what this is? If not, then read more

It's an Asian Pear. Is that what you guessed?

If you've never tried one, it's a must this summer. It's a cross between a Bosc pear and a Gala or Fuji apple. They are deliciously crisp and sweet, and now that they're gaining popularity, hopefully we can see the price go down since they're a bit more expensive than regular pears and apples.

Like most fruit, Asian Pears are fat and cholesterol free, so they make a great snack. Check out how they compare nutritionally to pears and apples.

1 Medium Fruit Calories Fiber (g) Vitamin A (mcg) Vitamin C (mg) Potassium (mg) Folate (mcg)
Asian Pear 51 4.4 0 5 148 1o
Pear 96 5.1 38 7 198 12
Apple 72 3.3 75 6 148 4

Wow, I'm pretty impressed. An Asian Pear has a lot of fiber for not a lot of calories. Plus it has as much potassium as an apple. Have I convinced you to try one yet?

Fit's Tips: Pick them out just as you would apples - select the most fragrant ones with no bruising and a firm body. They are ready to eat when you buy them. You can store them out of the fridge at room temperature for up to a week (just watch out for fruit flies), and they'll keep in your fridge for up to 3 months.

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