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Guess What?

Haven't got a clue? To find out what it is,

It's a dust mite!

Ewww. Dust mites. Could that image be any more disgusting? Millions of these microscopic arachnids are living in your rugs, carpets, curtains, under your bed, in your mattress and in your pillows. Gross, I know.

Dust Mites feed on the dead skin cells that get sloughed from our bodies (and probably cracker crumbs we accidentally spill too). They form colonies (known to us as dust bunnies) where they mate, lay eggs, hatch, grow, eat and poop -- Over and over again. OK, I'm gonna go throw-up now.

Take this as a little reminder to clean up your house this weekend. Even if you're not allergic to dust, wash things that haven't seen soapy water in months. I'm talking about dish towels, duvet covers, tablecloths, blankets and sheets - basically anything made of fabric. You can also get rid of clutter and little messes around your house, since dust mites love to lurk in dark spaces.

Take a wet washcloth and wipe down shelves, stairs, corners, on top of the fridge and wherever else you haven't cleaned in awhile. You'll breathe better (literally and figuratively) knowing the dust mites have been conquered.


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