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If the Gym Is Your Second Home, These GIFs Are For You

Sep 11 2015 - 6:05am

Sometimes it feels like the gym is my second home — but I'll take the name "gym rat" in stride! If you can relate, you'll get a kick out of these GIFs.

When you walk in, you're pumped to see your favorite front-desk attendant.

Source: NBC [1]

You tend to get a little excited when your favorite treadmill is open.

Source: Giphy [2]

You've got the class schedule memorized.

Source: Giphy [3]

There is no new workout class you won't try! No matter how crazy the uniform . . .

Source: Jennie Widegren [4]

You'll be rocking (at least part of) your gym gear at work.

Source: NBC [5]

Before you pencil in any extracurricular plans, you make sure they don't conflict with your workout schedule.

Source: NBC [6]

Because having to skip your favorite instructor's class brings you close to tears.

Source: Paramount Pictures [7]

You have a go-to crew of workout buddies.

Source: Tumblr user WORKAHOLICS [8]

You're not afraid to lift.

Source: ABC [9]

People always comment on your great form.

Source: Tumblr user standardmoves [10]

But those compliments never get old.

Source: Comedy Central [11]

You're rarely fazed when someone hits on you during a workout.

Source: Tumblr user gabeweb [12]

Even if it's a trainer.

Source: Focus Features [13]

But most importantly, you know it's about more than weight loss; this is a lifestyle.

Source: Giphy [14]

Working out makes you feel awesome!

Source: NBC [15]

And that's why you're committed.

Source: Tumblr user beauxdacious [16]

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