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H.I.T. Gyms where 4 minutes = 90 minutes

The promise is attractive: a sweat-free 4-minute workout that will give you the same results as a grueling 90-minute workout session.

A Canadian company is making that silver-bullet pledge as it attempts to build a chain of store-front exercise havens for people who don't have the time to hit the local gym.

The company called H.I.T. (which stands for High Intensity Training) has opened its first "gym" in Toronto. It contains 5 narrow stalls, each one housing a $17,700 range-of-motion machine - it must be some serious magical piece of equipment to do in 4 minutes what it takes normal people hours to achieve. While the workout itself burns just 40 to 50 calories, it creates a lingering effect of burning an additional 500 calories over the next 24 hours due to its high intensity.

H.I.T claims using the Fit ROM machine is equivalent to approximately 45 minutes of resistance training, 30 minutes of running, plus 20 minutes of stretching.

H.I.T says it plans to open hundreds of such locations in Canadian cities within 5 years with membership dues comparable to traditional gyms.

So, does this really work? If you want to find out then

Of course, fitness experts say the company's bulky H.I.T Fit cross trainer, which looks like a slightly scrunched elliptical trainer stuck to the back of a rowing machine and centered around a flywheel, cannot replace more traditional methods of exercise.

A high-intensity 4-minute workout on the H.I.T machine may build muscle tone, but won't do much for burning calories.

Whew - Thank god. I was beginning to regret my hours on the treadmill working out. Looks like what we always thought was right - you've got to actually workout and sweat to stay fit and healthy.

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