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Health Headlines: Sex, Marriage and Tears

There are some health headlines that are worth sharing. Often the stories behind the headlines live up to their tag lines. Check out these three stories, on marriage and gender differences, all caught my eye and I had to share.

Sex lessons for 'cranky' miners The BBC
To increase productivity, miners are given "tool box talks" on how to spice up their sex lives with their menopausal wives. Company bosses say giving their predominantly male employees lessons on menopause and foreplay gives them a healthy sex life, which in turn makes them happy, productive workers. Maybe folks will start saying, "Let's play miner."

Holy matrimony! That's a lot of pounds
Relationships often lead to weight gain – living together (or "living in sin" as granny likes to say) and marriage both seem to cause weight gain. If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, this can't really come as much of a surprise, right?

The crying game: male vs. female tearsYahoo News
Ellen's tearful plea sparked a controversy on crying in public. Seems that as a culture we think it is OK for men to cry but not women. The crying men are perceived as sensitive while crying women are seen as out of control. Now that makes me want to cry.

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