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Healthy Breakfast Really Does Matter

I am always talking about the importance of eating breakfast, since it jump starts your metabolism and helps keep your blood sugar levels even. Well, a new study reveals that you should make sure that your breakfast is a healthy one that is not loaded with fat.

The study, conducted by the University of Calgary, Concordia University, and Pennsylvania State University, demonstrated that a single high-fat meal (read fast food from McDonald's) in an otherwise healthy lifestyle causes folks to have a stronger adverse physiological reaction to stress, than people that eat a healthy, low-fat breakfast.

Basically, volunteers who ate the healthy breakfast (dry cereal with skim milk, cereal bars and non-fat yogurt) maintained healthier blood pressure and heart rate measurements after completing stressful tasks 2 hours after eating breakfast. The stressful tasks were things we can all relate to as stressful and included a math test and public speaking.

So if you have an exam or a big presentation tomorrow morning, do yourself a favor and eat a healthy and balanced breakfast.


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