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Time to Get Picking! Sweet, Savory, and Healthy Cherry Recipes

Jul 22 2014 - 4:38pm

Cherries have officially hit the farmers market! Aside from being a proven anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich cherries reduce uric acid and cholesterol levels in the body and help reduce sore muscles and joint pain. Usually enjoyed as a snack, cherries also make a great main ingredient for sweet and savory dishes. Curious? Keep reading to see what healthy cherry recipes we'll be cooking up this season.

— Additional reporting by Aemilia Madden

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Quinoa Salad With Cherries and Feta

For a delicious dinner that's equal parts sweet and savory, cook up a batch of quinoa salad with cherries and feta [1]. This healthy and hearty meal will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Vegan Cherry Smoothie

Quit eating blah breakfasts, and start your day with a vegan cherry smoothie [2] that is full of fiber and protein to help keep you full through lunchtime.

Photo: Michele Foley

Cherry Almond Coconut Protein Balls

Boost your muscle recovery post-workout with these cherry almond coconut protein balls [3]. This easy snack features an unexpected ingredient that helps amp up the protein.

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Cherry Vanilla Smoothie

Filled with ingredients like spinach, almond butter, and coconut water, this cherry vanilla smoothie [4] is full of vitamins but happens to taste like an old-school shake — delicious!

Photo: Anna Monette Roberts

Almond Cherry Chunks of Energy

Both sugar-free and gluten-free, these small almond cherry bites [5] are a deliciously crunchy alternative to a traditional protein bar.

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Chocolate Cherry Granola Bites

Since cherries have been shown to help reduce sore muscles and joint pain, make yourself a batch of cherry granola bites [6] to enjoy post-workout!

Source: POPSUGAR user JuicyNoelle [7]

Chocolate-Cherry Pie

A little indulgence is always good, especially when you make some healthy swaps. This recipe for chocolate-cherry pie [8] is made using whole-wheat flour, flax meal, and almond milk, and these are just a few of the healthy ingredients found in this dessert.

Source: Never Homemaker [9]

Cherry Yogurt Popsicles

Greek yogurt, fresh cherries, milk, and just a touch of sugar are all you need to make these cherry yogurt popsicles [10]. For a little added decadence, the recipe calls for a light drizzle of chocolate to finish off the treat!

Source: Sweetest Kitchen [11]

Cherry Salsa

Guests will love the unexpected savory twist of POPSUGAR Food's cherry salsa recipe [12]. Great as a dip, it also works well when served on chicken or fish.

Photo: Susannah Chen

Vanilla Cherry Coconut Breakfast Risotto

Oatmeal fatigue setting in? Fuel up until lunch with a comforting bowl of cherry coconut breakfast risotto [13].

Source: Healthy Happy Life [14]

Turkey Sandwich With Cherry Compote

Amp up the flavor profile of a sweet or savory dish by adding some of cherry compote [15] to the mix. We're especially fond of this turkey sandwich with cherry compote [16].

Photo: Katie Sweeney

Cherry-Banana Parfaits

Ice cream for breakfast? Heck yeah! Indulge by adding cherry-banana soft-serve ice cream as a layer in these breakfast parfaits with granola [17].

Source: Oh She Glows [18]

Cherry Protein Pop'ems

Why buy energy bars when you can make your own? Cherry Protein Pop'ems [19] are a little bit sweet, a little bit crunchy, and contain five grams of protein in each serving.

Source: Eating Bird Food [20]

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