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Healthy Dose Link Time!!!!!!

Back In Skinny Jeans has a few words to say about Valerie Bertinelli as the new spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

About: Yoga helps you figure out how to create sequences for your home practice.

Fitness Fixation has some helpful hints for exercising with your "better half".

iFit & Healthy tells you all about Avril Lavigne's workout and diet.

vita-beat breaks the news that NYC condom giveaway is "sensational."

About: Low Fat Cooking has the skinny on cooking with egg substitutes.

fitPod has a 40 minute mix for you to download for free. It's titled "Wicked Strong Remix."

diet-blog disses "low fat" food labels.

NetSweat reveals that cheer leading is now considered the most dangerous high school sport.

Health Bolt shows you how to re-use your old CD spindles as a lunch box.

Complete Running has some great shots the Easter Bunny running in the Copenhagen marathon.

geeksugar shows you download a program to help you put videos onto your cell phone. Now you can take FitSugar videos with you where ever you roam.

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