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Healthy Eating Tip: Set Up Daily Snack Times

Snacks are an important part of a healthy diet. If you only eat three meals a day, you'll be starving by mealtimes, which most likely will result in overeating. Plus living with hunger pangs is a surefire way to become tired and moody, and you may not end up making it to your next meal before devouring the first unhealthy snack you set your eyes on. So while snacking is healthy, mindlessly snacking all day long isn't good either, since you'll end up consuming tons of extra calories and we all know what that means.

The best way to handle snacking is to set up a snack time (yes, just like when you were in preschool). Plan a morning snack for around 10:30 and an afternoon pick-me-up around 3:00. This way you will eat a little something in between meals without ruining your appetite. You also need to plan what you're going to eat during your snack time. Choose something that contains fiber and protein to fill you up and give you energy.

Don't know what to snack on? Here are some suggestions for the next time you have a Snack Attack.

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