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Healthy Eating Tip: Start a Lunch Club

When you're trying to watch what you eat, brown-bagging it at work is a huge help. But let's face it: Not everyone has time to pack a lunch every night or morning before work. So why not start a lunch club at your office? It will help you eat better and encourage your co-workers to do the same.

Recruit a few of your officemates to join the club; anywhere from two to six members is a great start. Each week, assign each person to bring an ingredient for sandwiches or a smart salad. One person brings lettuce, or someone buys a loaf of bread, another member provides cold cuts, and so on. Then, every day, you can toss up a big salad to share, or let members make their own sandwiches with the provided ingredients.

If you want to get fancier, take more of a potluck approach. Have each person bring a different dish each day — anything from pasta salad to stir-fry — that everyone can eat for lunch. That way, each person only has to worry about lunch once a week.

Do any of you do this? If so, please do share your tips in the comments.


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