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7 Ways to Transform Hard-Boiled Eggs Into a Healthy Meal

Mar 25 2016 - 10:40am

After the egg hunt, chances are you'll have a colorful stash of the Easter treats. But that doesn't have to mean a week of nothing but boring breakfasts. Check out these seven healthy ways to use up your hard-boiled eggs after Easter!

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Egg and Avocado

This simple Paleo-friendly breakfast [2] will keep you full until lunch and is even easier to make if you've got leftover Easter eggs to use up.

Hummus Deviled Egg

Get all the protein with none of the cholesterol with this popular way of making deviled eggs sans yolk but with lots of tasty hummus instead [3].

Healthy Cobb Salad

No need to make a calorie-laden Cobb salad with all your leftover hard-boiled eggs. Try a healthier version with this 370-calorie Cobb salad [4].

Asparagus With Shaved Egg

Wow during your next get-together with this simple asparagus dish [5] that's elevated to a brunch-appropriate side with the easy addition of shaved hard-boiled egg.

Salmon Kedgeree

Eggs may not be the star of this simple British-inspired dish [6], but they are an integral part. This recipe is perfect for leftover brown rice, and while it uses a mix of butter and oil to sauté the onions, you can try cutting the butter down (or out) as well as using fresh prebaked salmon to cut down on the sodium.

Tuna-Stuffed Tomatoes

High-quality tomatoes are essential for this tuna- and egg-stuffed tomatoes recipe [7], as is a mayonnaise substitute — try using Greek yogurt instead!

Curried Egg Sandwich

Curry and egg are a complementary combination. This egg salad recipe [8] is easy and, since it substitutes mayo with soy mayonnaise, far less fattening.

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