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Skip the Store-Bought, Stir Up a Healthy Homemade Dressing

Jan 30 2014 - 2:10pm

Your grocery store may seem like a mecca for gourmet salad dressing, but it's easy to get caught up in pretty packaging. The front of the bottle may boast health-conscious mantras, but when you read the label, it's often a very different story. Making your own dressing at home may seem unnecessary, but the freshness and flavors are incomparable; most of the time you just toss a few ingredients in the food processor and blend away.

Tomato Paprika Dressing

Stuck in the salad dressing doldrums? Antioxidant-rich tomato paprika dressing [1] will be a welcome change of pace. The flavor will remind you of a bowl of gazpacho.

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

Citrus Hemp Seed Dressing

Hemp seeds blend with fresh citrus juice and extra-virgin olive oil to create a smooth and creamy hemp seed salad dressing [2]. Even better, this low-calorie, flavorful recipe is free of preservatives and low in sugar.

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

Honey Apple Cider Vinaigrette

With just 80 calories per serving, this apple cider vinaigrette [3] aids in digestive health while boosting your immunity and energy levels. Apple cider vinegar has also been said to have appetite-suppressing [4] powers. See the steps to shake it up with this video recipe [5].

Photo: Leta Shy

Smoky Bear BBQ Dressing

This low-fat yet sweet BBQ smoky bear dressing [6] would be a perfect topper for a healthy veggie side at your next barbecue. For those of you who have a special diet, you'll be happy to know it's also dairy- and gluten-free.

Source: Healthful Pursuit [7]

Shallot and Grapefruit Dressing

Get doses of vitamin A and vitamin C in a zesty homemade dressing. This simple shallot and grapefruit dressing [8] will do the trick at only 35 calories per serving.

Source: Health.com [9]

Quick Dijon Vinaigrette

For a healthy throw-together salad dressing, try this simple Dijon vinaigrette [10]. Most of the ingredients are probably in your pantry or fridge ready to go.

Photo: Nicole Perry

Avocado-Yogurt Dressing

Get the creaminess you love in green goddess dressing without all the added sugars or fat. Substitute mayo for yummy Greek yogurt in this lovely avocado-yogurt dressing [11], dolloped perfectly over crisp fruits and veggies.

Source: Onsugar user Versastick [12]

Miso Tahini Dressing

Superspeedy miso tahini dressing [13] comes together with just three ingredients: sweet miso, tahini, and water.

Source: Onsugar user girlA [14]

Vegan Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing can be so heavy and full of empty calories. For a much lighter twist, try this vegan ranch dressing [15] that makes use of silken tofu.

Source: Healthy. Happy. Life. [16]

Lemon Chia Dressing

Here's a tasty way to get your fill of chia seeds without gulping them down in water or kombucha. This lemon chia seed dressing [17] is constructed in the same vein of classic poppy-seed dressing.

Source: Onsugar user CheesePlease [18]

Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

This fruity strawberry balsamic vinaigrette [19] is a refreshing and low-calorie way to dress up your favorite Summer produce.

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Zesty Fig Vinaigrette

You won't want to wait to get your hands on the first figs of Summer to make this delicious zesty fig vinaigrette [20].

Source: Happy. Healthy. Life. [21]

Ginger-Miso Dressing

If you love the ginger dressing from your favorite Japanese restaurant, then there's no reason you can't make your own at home. Tasty ginger-miso dressing [22] has a bevy of benefits. Ginger has its roots in ancient healing.

Source: (never)homemaker [23]

Strawberry Lemon Basil Dressing

Play up the seasonal flavors of the end of Spring in your salad with this strawberry lemon basil dressing [24].

Source: Oh She Glows [25]

Mint-Tahini Dressing

Gail Simmons raves about this recipe for mint-tahini dressing [26] that is incredibly low in calories but offers a fresh flavor that beautifully complements mixed greens.

Source: SELF [27]

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