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Healthy Sangria Recipe

Stir Up a Pitcher of Low-Calorie Sangria!

We're fans of sangria! The fruity wine-based punch is the perfect drink for a hot, Summer afternoon. If you're planning on making a pitcher to enjoy this weekend, try this healthier version. It's lower in alcohol and loaded with antioxidants. Watch the video to see our recipe. Cheers!

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This is a pitcher of traditional sangria, what you're probably used to. But what you might not know is that it's loaded with added sugar, sugar dense fruit juices, and rum. Today, I'm gonna show you a sangria-inspired cocktail with under 150 calories. Here's what you'll need. Two ounces VeeV acai liqueur, four ounces red wine; four ounces unfiltered cranberry juice, two ounces of fresh strawberry puree; one orange, halved and sliced into chunks; two apples cored and cut into half-inch chunks with peel. And just a rough chop will do. Sparkling water for topping off and ice. Okay, to start off, you wanna add your liqueur. Now I'm using VeeV which is a spirit made from acai berries which has a lot of antioxidant benefits. But if you don't have VeeV, you could always use vodka, traditional vodka, just pour in your shaker.Now we're going to add our red wine. Heart healthy, red wine. I'm using a decanter, you can use any red wine that you like. Now we're gonna add in our unfiltered cranberry juice. Now unfiltered juice, a lot of dietary fiber. This juice in particular has a ton of vitamin C. And cranberry actually has some great digestive benefits. It's actually good for your kidneys, a little help while drinking. Now we're gonna add our fresh strawberry puree. You just take fresh strawberries, cut them up in a little bowl. And use a muddler. You can also use a blender or a food processor if that's easier. I like to use a muddler. It gets all the juices out as well. It's got this juicy, soft strawberry puree that adds a lot of sweetness without the added sugar and calories. So, now we're gonna add our puree to our shaker, and then we're just gonna add ice. Okay, fun part, shaking. Just wanna make sure this is on really tight. The way bartenders do it or make solid is actually have their rhythm to shaking. So it's kind of like one of these, like a little samba routine. All right, enough fun. And now for the drinking. To finish the cocktail, I'm gonna take my two glasses and add the fruit in first. It's a little easier that way. Now for the drink. Doesn't that look beautiful? Now we have our cocktail, which is actually in cups instead of a whole pitcher, so it's great for portion control. Now I'm pregnant so I won't be tasting the real thing, but I have my friend and Bella host here, Kirbie. Hi. Hello. And I'd love for you to taste the real thing. I'm so excited about this. I actually made a virgin version for myself. And when you serve it, what's sometimes fun to do, is just to top it off with some sparkling water, gives it a little bit of that fizz, what I like to call fizzazz. What a great idea. Yeah. I love that. All right, so let's try it. All right. Cheers. Cheers. It 's really good. It's very refreshing. It is, it's quite refreshing, I love it. Let us know what you think. See you next time on FitSugar TV. Bye. Cheers.

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