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Creative Ways to Get Your Full Serving of Fruit Every Day

It's not always easy getting the recommended daily allowance of fruit, which is something that registered dietitian Cynthia Sass knows all too well. Watch as Cynthia shows us some unique and creative ways to sneak Winter fruit into our diets this season.

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Everyone knows it's important to eat our fruits and veggies. But sometimes, it can get a little boring. That's why we've brought in Cynthia Sass, who's a registered dietitian and has cooked meals for the New York Rangers and many others to show us some fun, unique ways you can get your serving of fruit. So instead of just eating fruit by itself, another thing that you can do with it, is put it in your food processor, puree it a little bit, and then serve it as dip or a spread with some whole grain crackers, a little bit of cheese use an olive or you can use it as a topping for brownie bites. It's a great sauce. You can use it for anything from fish to tofu. Mix the fruit with a savory, like a whole grain cracker. And even in your morning oatmeal. It's really versatile. A lot of people don't think about heating fruit up. If you don't have access to a grill, you can either bake or broil it in your oven and then add it to your morning oatmeal the next day. Or you can eat it with some toasted oats and some sliced almonds. Yeah. I just put these on the cookie sheet as well. When you're putting grapefruit on a cookie sheet at the bottom so it doesn't roll around. You know, I love baked pears. I've heard recipes of that before but, you did something new here. Is that cinnamon and black pepper? This is a cracked black pepper. I didn't add any sweetener here so there's no sugar, no syrup on top. All I did was just simply put a little bit of cinnamon, cracked the black pepper, put it in the oven. I like to put cracked black pepper even in with a yogurt parfait. It's different isn't it? It's different. It gives a little kick. But different good, yes. It has a kick. You don't taste it at first, and then all of a sudden it kicks in. This one I explain [sp?] and I just added cinnamon that's all and you would have to leave the aroma that was coming from the oven with the slice baked pears here, with any kind of whole grain on top toasted oats, toasted barley. So heat up your fruit. If you want to add some moisture and flavor add a little bit of nutrition to your burger men, whether it be organic tricky or my black bean burger mix. You can take something that's in season, like I have a Granny Smith apple here. Right, that's perfect. Yeah. Just shred it with a box grater and go ahead and fold it right in. into the burger mix. It really helps the patty give it that moisture that you might be looking for, especially when you're using a really lean ground meat, and of coarse adds great nutrition. You know, most people think that adding fruit will make it sweeter. Can you tell the difference at all? It's not an overwhelming sweetness that you're going to be adding. And, do you have to bake this for longer than usual because there's fruit in it? No, not at all. You can either saute this on the stove top in a saute pan, or you can bake it in the oven. When I make my black bean burgers, I love to bake them on a cookie sheet. That is delicious! Thank you. Adds a little bit of texture. Yeah, it's a nice subtle flavor. I love fruit tacos. You take two corn tortillas. These count as a whole grain. Warm it up a little bit, add some tangerine sections and season right now. I took the seeds out and then we need some protein in here, so I have some shelled edamame, which is organic, a great source of lean protein. I like to use about a half a cup total, between the two tacos, and about a cup of fruit. Okay. And then for our good fat, slice avocado which is available year round, and that's going to add those heart-healthy fats in that satisfaction factor, and then, the icing on the cake here is our balsamic vinegar. It's really great with any type of fruit. This is surprisingly incredibly delicious. I actually wasn't sure how this would taste, to be honest. I can't wait to go home and try these myself. Thanks for showing us your tips. My pleasure. Thank you. See you next time on Fit Sugar TV.

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katvetrano katvetrano 4 years
Wow, some of these ideas are really unique! I bet those tacos would be awesome w/lime juice & cilantro instead of the sweet balsamic:)
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