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High Blood Pressure? Stay Away From Energy Drinks

When I'm on a road trip and I stop in the gas station to grab some water, it amazes me how many energy drinks I see on the shelves. Many people opt for them when they're feeling sluggish. Plus they're easy to find and don't stain your teeth like coffee, but they still contain caffeine, and many in higher doses than a regular cup of joe.

Beverages like Red Bull, Full Throttle, Amp, and Rush will sure give you an energy buzz, but a recent study found that these high-caffeine drinks may also be raising people's heart rates and blood-pressure levels.

These types of drinks not only contain caffeine, but they also have high levels of taurine, an amino acid found in protein-rich foods such as fish and meat. It can affect the heart function and blood pressure, even if a person is not exercising but simply sitting still.

This study showed that the effects are not dangerous to healthy individuals,but if you have high-blood pressure, are taking medications to lower your blood pressure, or have heart issues, you should steer clear of these types of drinks.

Fit's Tip: Caffeine is a quick fix when you need some energy, but eating a high-protein snack like yogurt, cheese, or nuts will give your body lasting energy.


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