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A Horse is NOT Just a Horse

Feeling unbalanced and disconnected from your inner self? Who doesn't feel that way these days? Kate Boswoth seems to make time for the horses, but should you?

If going to the derby doesn't sound like your idea of a relaxing trip but you would like to pack your bags for a unique, life-changing experience, then

Wyatt Webb, former addict musician turned horse lover and human therapist, can help you. His Equine Experience at Miraval Life in Balance™ resort is a place that people go to find out, in a rather unusual way, what's keeping them so darn unbalanced. Basically the theory is that how you relate to a horse goes back to how you relate to your inner self. For example, if you are overly nice to your horse it may become apparent that for some reason you feel the need to be overly nice to anyone in order to get them to like you. (And all this time you thought you were just being nice to the horse so it wouldn't freak out and kick you in the face!) Sounds a bit quacky, I know. But people swear by it and have life changing experiences with The Equine Experience Class. Miraval claims:

This class offers another opportunity at Miraval for you to discover how to more fully enjoy the present and be conscious of each moment of living, as opposed to merely surviving daily life.

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