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The Workout to Help You Lose 1 Pound This Week

Oct 15 2016 - 3:50pm

Weight loss on the mind? Kick it up a notch with this hour-long treadmill interval workout that will burn around 500 calories in one session. Complete it five times in a week and you'll be well on your way to burning or cutting out an extra 3,500 calories — the magic number to lose one pound in a week [1].

Be sure to warm up [2] for at least five minutes before getting started. If you find that this workout is too easy or too hard, just adjust the speed to fit your level.

Congratulations — you just burned 511 calories! Don't forget to cool down and stretch afterward [3]. Get a photo-free printable version [4] of this workout to take to the gym.


*Calories burned calculations are based on a 130-pound woman.

**RPE [5] = rate of perceived exertion

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