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The Insane Yoga Move That Will Strengthen Your Every Inch

Nov 5 2016 - 10:00am

This may look like something your younger self had no problem flipping into on the grass during recess, but as an adult, you can still do this fun move. If you take an Ashtanga Yoga class, this is part of the backbending series right before the closing sequence. Known as Tick Tock, it looks pretty challenging, I know, but there are a few modifications listed below you can do depending on your strength and flexibility levels.

It's very important to warm up before attempting Tick Tock. Work on this move at the end of the next yoga class you take, or after a run or bike ride and this yoga sequence that increases spinal flexibility [1].

Since this is a pretty advanced move, here are a few easier ways you can work on this pose.

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