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Wanna Do the Splits? 9 Poses to Make It Happen

Dec 30 2016 - 4:00pm

If you've always wanted to do a split, you need flexible hips and hamstrings. Practice these nine stretches, and you'll soon be on your way.

Tipover Tuck

This relaxing stretch [2] is a great way to begin stretching both hamstrings at the same time while also increasing flexibility in your lower back. You'll also get a nice stretch in the chest and shoulders, which won't help with doing splits but will definitely feel good.

Head to Knee

Here's a stretch to work one hamstring [3] at a time. You'll feel this in your lower back, too, and it'll also begin to open your hips.

Seated Straddle

Here's another great pose that will stretch both hamstrings and your lower back [4]. Since your legs are separated, it focuses more on the part of the hamstrings closest to your bum.

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch Against a Wall

Flexible hamstrings aren't the only thing you need to do a split. Flexible hips and hip flexors are also a must, so try this stretch using a wall [5].


This hip flexor stretch [6] will stretch you even deeper.


Here's a way you can gently use your upper-body strength to help your legs move into split position.

Standing Split

This vertical split [13] is great practice before doing a horizontal split. It will target the standing leg's hamstring while also stretching your hips.

Standing Hand to Big Toe A

Here's a more intense vertical split [15] that allows you to use your upper-body strength to stretch your hamstring even more. Keep your lifted leg straight in order to effectively target the muscles in the back of the leg.

Supported Split

Before trying out a full split, doing this stretch with a block is a great way to ease into it.

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