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How Your Friends Can Hinder (or Help With) Weight Loss

Apr 28 2014 - 3:40pm

Losing weight is no easy task, and it's even harder when your close friends aren't on board. There's no need to lay the blame on heavy, but once you're aware of what (or who) is holding you back, taking our advice to heart will help you get honest, stay strong, and still get in on the fun.

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Your Quality Time Always Involves Food

When your go-to group of friends always wants to try out a new restaurant or order over-the-top dishes, it's tough to dismiss fun invitations in favor of staying home to eat clean. And even with the best intentions to stay strong at the table, once those breadsticks or fried appetizers are passed around, it's so hard to say no.

How to handle: Instead of heading out for a big meal, suggest that everyone gets together potluck style at a friend's place. Not only will you all be saving money, but you can also be sure the dish you bring satisfies your dietary needs.

If it's a special occasion and going out is the only option, look up the menu ahead of time, and decide what you're going to order before you step through the door. Also be sure to enjoy a small snack before the meal, so you don't arrive to the table ravenous and ready to chow down on whatever comes out first.

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Working Out Is Not on the Table

Getting active with friends is an amazing way to inspire each other, have fun, and connect . . . as long as your friends understand the benefits of working out. When loved ones say discouraging things like "What's the point?" or "I hate the gym," it can be tempting to switch up the healthy plans you've set in place.

How to handle: So, you won't necessarily be able to convert everyone into a gym rat, but an easy yoga class, a scenic hike, or a long walk full of window shopping might be more everyone's speed. Continue to keep the option open — especially with those reliable friends you know would make great workout buddies. Once your posse sees the benefits your body is reaping from your new schedule, they might change their tune.

Happy Hours Happen Nightly

Yes, you can still lose weight and enjoy (some) alcohol [3]. But constant happy-hour outings can load your body up on sugar and carbs, undoing all the hard work and willpower you've put into healthy choices all day!

How to handle: A occasional happy hour is an indulgence you should enjoy, but if you find it hard impossible to sip on one or two cocktails (and pass up unhealthy appetizers on the menu), then steer clear unless it's a special occasion. Consider getting together for coffee earlier in the afternoon with friends you want to connect with, and remember to keep your eye on the prize.

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They Don't Realize It Hurts

When the people you love and trust continue to put down your best efforts and say your lifestyle changes won't stick, it feels like a punch in the gut. Even if they say they're kidding around, this kind of negative talk can have serious repercussions on your ability to stay on track and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

How to handle: Be honest about the way you're feeling, and vocalize your worries to your inner circle. Once they know you're serious, good friends will do whatever they can to support your cause. If someone can't get a grip or says you're out of line, it might be time to give that relationship some space.

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