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How to Get Blake Lively's Smile

A Visit to Blake Lively's Dentist

Sometimes while watching a red carpet event, I am blinded by how dazzling (read: blinding) a celeb's smile can look. I'm thinking they must be doing a little more than the occasional white strip I do myself. Well, according to Blake Lively's dentist Dr. Laura Torrado, it takes more than brushing and flossing to achieve a movie star smile. Torrado recently shared with Us Weekly a few tricks of the trade to get your teeth healthy and beautiful.

  • Start with white teeth. Torrado says that at-home bleaching kits are more about maintaining an already good-looking smile than lifting years of stains away. To really get a dull smile looking bright and even, she says, invest in a professional whitening treatment.
  • Be conscious of what foods you eat. Certain foods — like coffee, tea, and red wine — have the ability to stain your teeth. Over time these foods will cause your smile to look dull and brown. Torrado says you can reduce stains from these foods by biting into something that is high in fiber.

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  • Brush and floss daily, especially before bed. Hopefully, you're already doing this since it is the most basic (and effective) way to take care of your teeth. Torrado says this is extra important at night when plaque has time to set in.
  • Know what you put in your mouth. If you can't brush, find a quick in-between replacement like a rinse or gum, but make sure you know what it does. Look for products that are approved to reduce plaque build-up, not just freshen your breath.
  • Play up the whiteness of your teeth with makeup. The darker your complexion, the whiter your smile will look. Find lipstick shades that contrast or enhance your tooth color. "If your complexion is white, the way to make your teeth look brighter is wearing dark red lipstick with a shine," Torrado says. "If you are medium complexion, like an olive skin, anything with bronze tones enhances the tooth color. And if you have dark skin, then pinkish-reds or high gloss will brighten your teeth."
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