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How to Get Gwyneth Paltrow's Butt: Moves From Tracy Anderson

Gwyneth Goes Bare at Iron Man 3 Premiere — the Butt-Shaping Moves She Swears By!

Gwyneth Paltrow was not afraid to show some skin when she walked the red carpet for the premiere of Iron Man 3. The sheer dress gave viewers a peek at the star's backside, which Gwyneth credits to trainer Tracy Anderson. Tracy helped transform Gwyneth's self-described saggy and square-shaped butt into a lifted, rounded, and shapely backside. We learned three of Gwyneth's favorite butt-toning moves directly from her trainer — just in time to help you rock your skinny jeans. Add these exercises to your workout to feel the burn and see the lift!

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Gwyneth Paltrow has worked out with trainer Tracy Anderson and her team for six years, six days a week, and is always raving about them. And she credits Tracy and her team for getting her bum into tip-top shape. Join FitSugar as we go one on one with celebrity trainers as they show us how to get the bod of their famous client. Gwyneth has said you've taken her long, square butt and completely redesigned it. How did you do that? It takes a while and, you know, Gwyneth is such a great example for so many women at home because, you know, she is a celebrity. She is someone that a lot of women admire, but she's not someone that women at home should be like, "Oh she was just given that", because she wasn't. She's incredibly hard working, she's just amazing, an amazing student and like she said, six days a week for six years. So I understand Stacey Mcdermott actually trains Gwyneth and actually helped her get ready for the Oscars. She did. She was with her all week. Okay. But we're all like family at this point. Stacey's been with me as long as Gwyneth's been with me and so, it's fun.Fun . Perfect. Yeah. Well, let's get Stacey out here. Great. As you can see why Gwyneth would rather have Stacey train here than me. And Stacey has been a teacher of the method for over five years. So you are in really good hands. We 're gonna get right into Gwyneth's three moves. I am obviously pregnant, so I will be doing the modifications and Stacey will be doing all of the advanced moves that Gwyneth does. Sounds good. So you can follow me, or her, or them. We're gonna start on all fours. You're gonna lift your opposite arm and then you're gonna bring this leg down, drop to the elbow and you're gonna extend to high back, keeping the leg turned out. So this is a move that Gwyneth likes to do. It's really good in keeping your abs engaged pulling that leg forward and then bringing it down. And it really gets into those problem areas. Yeah. In our bum. I can see all your glutes working beautifully. Yes. So I'm gonna show you your modification. Okay. You're gonna start sitting on your side arm comes down, you're gonna flip over to all fours, bring it down, and then extend back. And then bring it down. So just really piecing it together. We're gonna start here, now bring the arm first, all fours, down, and then kick, down, and then back to the hip. Perfect. What you're gonna do is start with a little glute stretch with that leg out and you're gonna press up to a downward dog, you're gonna bring it down, and then you're gonna go to a plank. And you really want to make sure that your hips are down when you're going to the plank. So you're gonna stretch, bring it down, and plank. Bring it down. So this is engaging everything. Your arms are very much involved. Your total body is working to keeping that position correct. So this is the move that Gwyneth does, right? Yeah. She loves to do these moves? Yes. Yes. Yeah. She definitely does. So for those of you who want a modification, pregnant or not, with the pregnancy modification, what you're gonna do is you're gonna do a nice hamstring stretch into downward dog. You're gonna bring those knees back to the mat, and then you're gonna kick to that open diagonal but this time you can actually rotate out in your hips, because you really want to make sure your hips are open, especially during pregnancy. And this is also really good just if you want to need a modification before you start doing something that's a little more difficult to do. Yeah. More advanced, exactly. Yeah. For our final move we're actually laying down on our side. Okay. And we're gonna be on our elbow as well. So you're gonna lift it up, bring it down, and extend up. And I'm lifting my opposite hip up as well. This is really good for just targeting the outer thighs, but also still getting into the lower glute area, where the hamstring and the glute meet. For the modification, we're gonna lay down on our side still going to get a really good outer thigh lift, I promise. So you're gonna lift it up and bring it down. Perfect. Good, do you feel it? I do, I feel it. Good. For this move it's really important to keep your knee and your foot parallel. So, you're not over-extending. This helps keep the hips open and glute. Exactly. Exactly. And you're still getting a great burn. I think Gwyneth said it best when she said, "You kick my butt." Thanks so much. Thank you. We'll see you next time, We Get The Bod on FitSugar TV.

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missjolielaide missjolielaide 3 years
Dude, I tried this, EVERYTHING burned! :-) Many props to Z for doing this while preggers!
Laura2659357 Laura2659357 3 years
Hmmm, If you want a flat but tight butt this looks good. I prefer a workout that aims for round and perky.
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