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How to Go Vegetarian and Avoid Gaining Weight Like Kirstie Alley

How to Go Vegetarian and Not Gain Weight Like Kirstie Alley

If there's one person who has publicly spoken about her weight as much as Oprah, it's Kirstie Alley. After shedding 75 pounds as the spokesperson for Jenny Craig, Kirstie reveals in new issue of People that she's put on 83 pounds. She says her current weight, 228 pounds, is her heaviest weight ever. She blames the weight gain on losing the motivation to work out and her weakness for food drenched in butter. Here's what else she told People about her diet:

For seven months I was a vegetarian, and I can't tell you how much weight I gained being a vegetarian! A vegetarian would probably be eating vegetables. But to me being a vegetarian meant I'm going to eat enchiladas with no meat, and I'm going to eat lots of bread, lots of carbs.

Find out what a healthy vegetarian diet should contain when you


Kirstie is on to something with her comment about vegetarians eating vegetables, and there are plenty of other celebrities who have gotten the diet right. A vegetarian diet doesn't have to be complicated. Relying on mostly vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, and whole grains will enable a vegetarian to achieve balance and satisfaction from food.

There are so many great sources of healthy veggie protein, like tofu (not fried), beans, and lentils, that can be seasoned and mixed with vegetables to create savory and filling dishes that would appeal to anyone, vegetarian or not. Kirstie Alley's vegetarian diet downfall (besides all that butter) was that she lacked balance — enjoy vegetarian enchiladas and bread, but make sure that's not all you're eating.

Alley being on the cover of People made TrèsSugar ponder the media phenomenon of celebrity weight loss as entertainment. Be sure to weigh in on the discussion here: Bad for Women? Celebrity Weight Loss as Entertainment.

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