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How to Be Happy

A Reader's Advice: A Simple Plan on Achieving Happiness

Here is some sound, thoughtful advice from FitSugar reader sagebliss on how to be happy; she shared these thoughts in the SageBliss Sugar community group.

Everyone wants to be happy, yet we have all experienced pain and disappointment in life from time to time. Why are some people happy while others seem to experience a never-ending run of bad luck? How do some people manage to laugh and experience a full life despite a busy, stressful lifestyle? How does one become genuinely happy? Perhaps they start to work on a place called "self."

Love yourself. You may have heard the phrase "loving means accepting." Loving yourself means accepting that you are not a perfect being, but loving and respecting yourself anyway.

Contentment is key to being happy. Be content with, and focus on things you do like about your job, your appearance, your family, your friends, your home, your car, and all the other things you now have. You will discover that when you focus on the positive, more good things come your way.

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