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How Many Calories Are Really in Your Cup Coffee?

Hidden Calories in Your Cup of Joe

Just about everyone I know consumes at least one cup of coffee a day. That roasted rich beverage actually has a lot of health benefits, and an eight ounce cup only contains two calories, so it won't bust your waistline. The thing is, not a lot of people enjoy their coffee black, and all the sweeteners and flavorings people use can add up to some major calories. I'm not saying you should ditch your cup of joe, just be mindful of how many calories your cup contains.

To see how many calories cream, sugar, and the occasional dollop of "whip" add to your coffee,


1 pump of Starbucks Chocolate Mocha Sauce
Food Calories
1 tbsp cream 52
1 tbsp half and half 20
1 tbsp whole milk 9
1 tbsp 2% milk 7.7
1 tbsp 1% milk 6.6
1 tbsp skim milk 5.7
1 tbsp plain soymilk 6
1 tbsp vanilla soymilk 6
1 tbsp whipped cream 90
1 tbsp flavored plain non-dairy creamer 20
1 tbsp French vanilla flavored non-dairy creamer 35
1 tbsp hazelnut flavored non-dairy creamer 35
1 pump of Starbucks flavored syrup 20
1 pump of Starbucks flavored syrup, sugar-free 0
1 tbsp caramel 15
1 tbsp chocolate 18
1 tsp, 1 cube, or 1 packet white sugar 11
1 tsp brown sugar 11
1 tsp or packet Sugar in the Raw 20
1 tsp maple syrup 16.7
1 tsp honey 21.3
1 shot of espresso 5


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