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An Omnivore's Thoughts on Going Vegetarian

Nov 9 2014 - 1:30pm

A plant-based diet gets a thumbs-up in your doctor's eyes, but deciding to cut out meat from your meals can be downright painful shocking to those who have eaten it their entire lives. Here's what goes through an omnivore's mind at the thought of going vegetarian.

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No, I'm Not Ready Yet!

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What Is This Thing Called Salad?

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I Just Can't Do It

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Veggies Are Not as Good as Cookies (or Steak)!

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OK, Maybe a Green Piece of Lettuce on My Burger

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Wait, No Chicken?

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Is Giving Up Meat Really Worth It?

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I'll Just Buy It, but I Won't Eat It

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My Heart Says Yes, but My Mouth's Not Buying It

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Enough Said

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Ooh, but Fries Are Vegetarian!

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And Cheese, Too. Cheese Makes Everything Taste Better

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Come to Think of It, I Have Been Feeling a Little Sluggish Lately . . .

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OK, I'll Do It, but Only For the Cute Little Animals

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