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How to Perfect Your Run

How to Run Like Katniss Everdeen: Tips From Jennifer Lawrence's Coach

Jennifer Lawrence told PopSugar that acting during the superphysical scenes in The Hunger Games was a serious challenge for her. To make her portrayal of Katniss's physicality feel authentic, she worked with conditioning coach Joe Horrigan on basic athletic movement patterns from running to the Grapevine. Learn more details about her training program when you watch the video.

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We wanted to know how Jennifer Lawrence got into super-human shape for her debut as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games. So, we went to her conditioning coach, Dr Joe Horrigan, who showed us three moves he taught her. The first one is called the marching A. You want the elbow to stay about 90 degrees. You want your elbow to come back, and the hand to come forward, right about in front of the face. We're not suppose to swing way out with arms straight. We're not suppose to swing way back. Then we start to bring the knees into it. So we get a high knee motion, and then we add a skip to it. You wanna make sure the knees aren't crossing over and make sure the legs are going straight because the whole point is to move forward. The sidestep is also another athletic movement, so the foot that you're pushing off of stays on the groundother foot is on the ground as well and then you recover. We take them faster and then a little bit deeper and change direction very quickly and then we'll add the grapevine, cross over one foot in front of the other, then behind, keep crossing over back and forth. We try to get the squatting down in a little bit more athletic position. Next we do that a little faster. Final progression is direction change. Jennifer did all of these drills, and she just kept getting better and better until after one day, she turned around and said, "I got it." Thanks for watching, see you next time on FitSugarTV

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