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How to Prevent Leg Cramps When Running

Don't Let Leg Cramps Cramp Your Style on Race Day

Leg cramps plague many a marathoner on race day. Training strategically and running your race with a well-thought plan can help prevent tired muscles from seizing in the final miles. Here are helpful tips for keeping cramps at bay and ways to work through any that might come your way before crossing the finish line.

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Leg cramps on race day can really cramp your style. Recent research indicates that cramping is caused by fatigue, which many runners experience in the final miles of a marathon. Use these tips on race day as well as your training to keep those muscle cramps at bay. Along with fatigue, it is believed that dehydration contributes to cramping, especially electrolyte depletion. Along with drinking water, be sure to sip on an electrolyte fortified sports drink during your long training run and during the race. slow down to give your muscles a break, but don't stop. Completely stopping can allow the tired muscles to completely lock up. Gently lengthening cramping muscles can help. Try some roadside stretches to give those cramping muscles and relief. Vaulting off the starting line and race day excitement can lead to exhausted muscles in the second half of the race. Go for a negative split on race day and use this strategy in your long training runs as well. Respect your training plan. You might feel the need for 1 more long run before race day, but take time off to give your legs a rest so they're ready for your big day. Remember these tips on your Race Day and thanks for watching FitSugar TV.

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