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How to Run Downhill

Run Faster Going Downhill and Take Care of Your Quads, Too!

We all know that running uphill is tough, but going downhill comes with its own set of challenges. With proper technique and a little cross training, you can keep your knees happy while flying down hills. Watch this video to learn how best to approach downhill sections of runs and races.

Be sure to watch our video on how to conquer running uphill, too.

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Learning to run down hill with proper form is important if you're training for a race. Now, running down hill is not as arduous as running up hill, but it can take a toll on your quads. Here are a few pointers to make those descents more body friendly. You may be tempted to lean back and dig In to the hill with your heel with this just breaks your momentum and forces your quads to work even harder, instead lean slightly forward and allow gravity to pull you down the hill Taking large steps puts pressure on your knees, so keep your steps small and underneath you. This may feel weird at first but it certainly gets easier with practice. No matter where your foot usually makes contact with the ground, land on your mid-foot or forefoot. This will keep you light and prevent you from over-striding or landing too hard on your heels heel. Running downhill is the perfect time to recruit your low abs, especially if you run with zero connection to your midsection. Working the lower [xx] helps support the torso and takes a lot of pressure off the knees as you go down the decline. Single-leg squats are great for conditioning the legs to handle the muscular strain of running down hill. So be sure to incorporate some strength training into your fitness routine. Be sure to remember these tips for running downhill in your next race. Thanks for watching FitSugar TV

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