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I Don't Buy It: H2Om

I Don't Buy It: H2Om

I'm all for promoting peace and positive energy, but this world's going to need a whole lot more than these H2Om water bottles. Fusing the chemical symbol for water, H2O, with the sound of the universe, "om," makes for a pretty catchy product name. And this is water with intention — not water infused with fruit juice, vitamins, electrolytes, or anything else you'd expect to pay extra for. And no, it won't help you with your yoga or meditation practice. H2Om is all about the idea that if a person thinks positive thoughts, then drinks this water that the vibrations of their thoughts will spread through the universe and make the world a better place. Hmm . . .

To hear more about this water

On their website, they even go on to explain that "water exposed to loving words and music showed brilliant, and complex crystallized patterns under the microscope at near freezing temperatures. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative thoughts and words, formed incomplete, asymmetrical patterns." I'm not sure where they got their "data" from, but it's just a little too out there for me. I think their slogan above is really sweet, and I do believe that changes and ideas are first born in your thoughts and that your mind is a powerful tool, and I do hate to be a party pooper, but I'm just not buying this bottled water.

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