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I Don't Buy It: Lifemax Sneezer Beam

I Don't Buy It: Lifemax Sneezer Beam

I'm all for anything that can eliminate allergies, but don't tease me. This Lifemax Sneezer Beam claims it can vaporize your sneezing, congestion, and runny noses with light. All you do is plug your nostrils with these mini light sabers light beam rods and the photons supposedly inhibit the cells that release histamines, which protect the body against allergens such as dust, dander, and pollen but that the body over produces when you have an allergy. It'd be amazing if this Sneezer Beam could stop the histamine and prevent runny noses and congestion, but I don't believe it works. This device kind of reminds me of the rhino horn neti pot, but the neti post is no hoax since it actually works.

If you suffer from allergies, I'm sure you're willing to try anything at this point. Too bad the manufacturer says treatment involves three minutes of this light therapy, three times a day for a month until you start seeing results. I've never tried this Sneezer Beam but it sounds a little too cosmic for my taste. I think I'll save my $60.

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