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I'm Lovin It!

I'm Lovin It!

We all know that health officials have banned smoking in several cities throughout the United States with more on the way because of the harmful effects of smoking on everyone. But did we ever think that they would be able to ban fat? To find out if they have, read more

There has been a lot of buzz recently surrounding a healthy proposal breakthrough hitting the streets of New York City and Chicago. If this newest proposal gets approved, trans fats (think hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils) which are responsible for the premature death of thousands of people each year, will no longer be permitted in the cooking processes at restaurants starting July 1, 2007. So while we all STILL really have no idea what they are putting in our food behind those closed doors in our favorite restaurants, at least New Yorkers could have the piece of mind that the ‘secret ingredient’ is not trans fat.

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