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The Importance of Working Your Abs and Core When Biking

Biking Tip: Saddle Sore?

Getting back in the saddle after taking the Winter off from biking doesn’t have to be painful. Sore sits bones (aka the ischial tuberosities, the bony protrusions on the bottom of your pelvis that you sit on) are a common complaint of new or returning riders. The trick to decreasing the pain is to work your abs, which is the answer every Pilates instructor loves to give. You need to feel your low abs working to help support your torso and pelvis. This way the weight of your body isn’t pressing into the seat (or your delicate wrists for that matter), but is supported by the scoop of your low abs.

When I ride I like to focus on the section of abs that from a triangle between the pubic bone and the top of the right and left pelvis (or the ASIS that some people call their hip bone). I sometimes refer to the low abs as the string bikini abs, and when I pull them in I tend to not get saddle sore.

Fit’s Tip: When climbing a hill, engage these abs so you can really focus all your power into your legs.


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