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Increase Coffee Consumption on Vacation

Does Your Caffeine Consumption Increase on Vacation?

I just returned from a glorious Spring break trip with my family, and surprisingly my coffee dependency increased over the holiday. I had weaned myself down to one daily cup of joe, albeit a strong one, but while at my cousin's Texas home, I drank about three to four cups a day. My hosts had special beans from New Mexico and an espresso machine — a coffee junkie's dream house.

My husband's wacky theory is that without the stress and accompanying adrenaline of everyday life, it's harder to wake up and stay alert. I think more downtime just means more leisurely cups of cafe. Whether you drink coffee, black tea, or green, do you drink more when you're on vacation?

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Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 6 years
Actually for me it decreases but I can fail to find my favorite energy drinks that don't have calories, sugar or carbs... and when I drink coffee I need to sweeten it with Stevia drops which I don't always carry with me... and black coffee is just vial!
Spectra Spectra 6 years
I think for me it's about the same. When I'm on vacation, I usually have more leisure time to sit and drink coffee or tea, so it might go up a little bit. But when I'm not on vacation, I usually drink lots of coffee before I go to work to keep me awake.
doogirl doogirl 6 years
I don't put caffeine in my body so that's never an issue on vacation. I do however, drink more alcohol on vacation than I do at home. But I think it's just because I'm relaxed and taking it easy.
Nope, because I just sleep away and wake up when I want and go out at night. I'm a total vampire on vacation, no need for coffee.
jod0143 jod0143 6 years
yes, especially if I am visiting a culture where the social norm is to relax and have coffee, such as in Europe. I am not typically a coffee drinker (I prefer tea), but when I am placed in that setting, I find myself drinking coffee instead. I never need it as an energy boost.
giagreene giagreene 6 years
I don't drink much coffee normally, but when I am on vacation, I do the same thing -- loads of coffee, loads of tea. I also tend to eat more sweets than normal when I am away, especially in another country. Maybe it's because being on vacation removes us from reality a bit and gives us the feeling of wanting to indulge in something that we may never be able to indulge in again, if we never return there. I ate as many different foods and drank as many different beverages as I could consume when I vacationed in Iceland last year, because I doubt that I'll ever get the opportunity to go there again!
TheLittleMonster TheLittleMonster 6 years
I tend to wake up earlier and easier while on vacation because I'm always eager to do touristy things. So I don't feel like I need as much caffeine. Also, I definitely don't sleep as comfortably in a strange bed. However, on the last vacation I went on, I was visiting lots of family and we'd get invited over for dinner or coffee/tea time...but the portions were way smaller- a European thing no doubt.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
No, for me it's the opposite. I have to get up so early to get to work during the week (I have to be at my desk by 7:25am) that I rely on caffiene to get through. On vacation, I sleep much later and don't need an artificial energy boost.
Lo-Lo291303 Lo-Lo291303 6 years
Yes, totally! I think it's because I don't sleep as well in foreign beds!
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